Sunday, 21 October 2012

The reasons I'm broke . . .

I know I haven’t posted in VERY long time but feel it’s time to return, to use my blog as a method of keeping track of my purchases as I seem to lose track very easily. I’m a few weeks into my first semester back at uni for my final year studying Fashion Management at Robert Gordon’s University in Aberdeen Scotland. To graduate I need to complete a dissertation which is rather daunting and seems impossible at this time being. Last Friday I had to hand in my Dissertation topic… I choose to research the influence Blog’s have on fellow shopaholic of my age, to see ‘if Blogs have replaced Magazines for a main source of fashion inspiration’. I certainly feel I no longer read endless magazines articles, but instead I’m permanently looking for the next best blog to follow to be updated on that individual’s unique style. On the other hand such blogs are a bad influence on weak shopaholics like myself. I currently have £5 to my name and that’s £5 of my overdraft so money that’s not actually mine. Payday could not come quick enough. Below is some of the recent reasons that have led to my poor state of affairs… although they can be seen as investments, investments to my winter wardrobe. 

1. Burgundy Jumper H&M 
2. Bat Jumper H&M (my version of Topshop's J W Anderson Jumper) 
3. Borg Denim Jacket Topshop 
4. Primark PU leather Skirt
5. Topshop Black Midi Dress 
6. Topshop Studded Peplum Top
7. H&M Contrast top 
8. H&M Burgundy Grungy Hat 
9. Black Boots H&M 
10. LAST BUT NOT LEAST - Topshop Paisley Western Boots

You think i would be content with my recent purchases but the problem is I'M NEVER CONTENT! The words of wisdom from my father... 'When are you going to wear all these clothes?' its not a case of wearing them its a case of i have it this beautiful piece of perfection belongs to me! As you may have noticed i have quite the collection of boots that tend to be kept in my cupboard away from danger as if they were precious pieces of crystal. I have strict terms when it comes to wearing my boots; there cant be any chance of rain,snow or sleet, they are not to be worn out in town encase some drunken bum happens to spill any drink on them or me being the drunken bum happens to scuff them. The above two pairs of boots should be my last for a good while well i say that now. Even though i have very little money for the time being i still temp myself by going onto Topshop on a daily basis. I've seen a lovely skirt and shoes in the sale and have been begging my mum to borrow money to get them but to avail.

 Well one will continue to try her luck... with 'Pester Power'
Meghan x

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