Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Haircare and Skincare Purchases.... for a change

I've been working for Boots since October last year which i think has led to a new addition... buying endless supplies of toiletries. I find myself falling into the trap of believing the latest product are the 'greatest' and buy into the gimmicks just to see if they will benefit me as they advertise, for example i buy hair care products that promise to make you hair more manageable and quench the thirst of my dry hair due to the over bleaching i tend inflict on it. Another product i have an unlimited amount of is purple shampoos. From Lee Stafford to Poundland’s equivalent, I’ve tried the majority that’s on the market. I have a feeling that it won’t be long till ill need to seek help for my problem or open my own shop :/ 

But on the other hand my 'market research' can then be shared with you all to advice from my experience :) 
One hair care product that has worked wonders is the Organix Moroccan Argan Oil (seen below). After reading numerous articles about the benefits of argan oil, it seemed to be the missing element from my hair care regime. The range comes in shampoo and conditioners too but i haven’t been tempted to try YET. This oil is a cheaper alternative to others that reach highs of £30, this one was only £6.99 and it probably works just as well. I’ve been using it for about a week and have noticed a big difference in the softness and shine of my hair. It's meant to be applied to damp hair but whenever my hair is dry i add some. 

As well as hair, I splashed out and bought some Origins skincare to try help clear up my skin. After trying a number of face washes and moisturisers I decided to seek some advice from a family friend who works for Origins to help solve my skin care problems. She came to the conclusion that I maybe over stripping my skin of its moisture which then leads to oil being created that then leads to blemishes. I used to use Boots Witch Hazel and Tea Tree products, as I felt I had oily skin. I was given a few samples to try out:

  1. Checks and Balance Foaming Face Wash
  2. Modern Friction facial Scrub
  3.  High Potency Night-A-Mins (Oil Free) 
  4.  Balanced Diet Moisture Lotion

    I have seen a slight change in the reduction of redness in my skin. The lotion is lightweight for under makeup and the night cream is mineral enriched to brighten your skin. Origins products consist of natural ingredients that don’t damage your skin. The face wash is for all skin types, so it doesn’t over dry or give too much moisture.  After the success of the testers I bought the night cream and lotion as I was so impressed. 

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    1. wow, great products. I heard a lot of good things about origins before. maybe I should try it as well :')
      in btw you have a really nice and very personal blog, dear. :)
      feel free to check out my blog as well, if you like!