Monday, 5 March 2012

Move over Edna!

As promised here is my update on the purple rinse attempt ...
The aim was to get a mellow pastel purple ala Kelly Osbourne seen below instead Ive achieved a brighter purple more like the dame herself. I'm happy with it either or though, i know it will dull down and help create a 'grunny grey' look. I would like to apologise for the rough bed head look because i have actually just rolled out of bed :/ In the photos you can see how much breakage you get from this colour of hair. Not so much from the La Riche colours and toners its just the drastic effect that bleach has on your hair.

As you can see my roots are creeping up on me so wont be long till I need to go through the painful process of sitting with bleach on for a good hour weep weep. It seems as soon as your hair gets back to some degree of good condition you then need to bleach it again. But its worth the pain, although i do get alot of negative comments about my hair they are kept to a ratio of positives ones :)
Meghan x

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