Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Outfit Post ...

Quick little post to show today's outfit carrying on the 90's Grunge kinda look whilst including some pastels too...

  • Topshop Fleetwood Mac T-shirt 
  • Topshop Skinny Ankle Grazer Jeans 
  • And finally the Topshop Studded Slippers
(Apologies for the poor quality)
Here's my hint of Pink
I got this coat in the Topshop Winter sale for ONLY £15 
I've found that it finished off outfits and is key on trend for the candyfloss colours this season 

Here is my faded Purple Rinse also... I'm really happy with the colour just wish it would grow!

  I was having a gander in H&M yesterday and bought this pale pink blouse in the sale again for £5

I really need to settle down with impulse buys as money is slowing disappearing :/ 
Meghan x

Sunday, 11 March 2012

All Work and No Play... encourages online shopping

Since my last post I've been busy with uni work doing online research of the topic 'Sustainable Fashion Futures'. One website that gives you an insight to what the future of fashion may hold is Forum for the Future.
There are different scenarios as to what they predict may happen. I advise you to have a read, some predictions are better than others e.g. that everyone will wear a uniform, everyone dressing the same ... seems bad to fashion students but then again i think we sort of dress like that anyway, all following trends on a global scale.

After a number of hours spent doing online research i was tempted on many occasion to scarp the uni work and check every sites 'new in this week' see what goods i could be buying instead and came across these...

New Look Peep Toe Boots £29.99 
I couldn't believe how cheap they were compared to other shops. I seen boots similar to these in Urban Outfitters (seen below) a while back but they sold out. 

I have a friends 21st next weekend so have an occasion to wear them, just need some outfit ideas planned, which may indeed take a whole week  :/  
P.s. Hair colour update the purple has completely faded so its just old grunny grey :) 
Meghan x 

Monday, 5 March 2012

90's Grunge

1. Topshop Slip Dress 
2. Grey Speckle Dress 
3. Pastel Pink Metallic Tube Skirt 
4. Daisy Embellished Cami 

Here's the recent items i have been investing my hard earned pennies on. I've created some outfit ideas for how i want to create the 90's grunge look. When i seen the Topshop Slip dress i thought it seemed rather fancy for my usual attire but decided i can wear my old faithful grey t-shirt underneath the give a casual feel along with some brothel creepers. I couldn't resist buying the Grey Speckle shorter dress again from Topshop since I'm hardly ever out of the midi length dress seen in older posts. You may also notice from older posts Ive had a fetish for tube skirts, when i seen this pastel pink Metallic Tube Skirt there was no second thought, i needed it, to kick start my pastel themed wardrobe for the new season ahead. Finally i bought the Daisy embellished Cami AGAIN from Topshop. I haven't yet wore it but when the hotter summer months eventually arrive it will be a staple piece i believe. Again i teamed it up with my grey t-shirt, ill just wear it with some denim shorts.
Meghan x

Move over Edna!

As promised here is my update on the purple rinse attempt ...
The aim was to get a mellow pastel purple ala Kelly Osbourne seen below instead Ive achieved a brighter purple more like the dame herself. I'm happy with it either or though, i know it will dull down and help create a 'grunny grey' look. I would like to apologise for the rough bed head look because i have actually just rolled out of bed :/ In the photos you can see how much breakage you get from this colour of hair. Not so much from the La Riche colours and toners its just the drastic effect that bleach has on your hair.

As you can see my roots are creeping up on me so wont be long till I need to go through the painful process of sitting with bleach on for a good hour weep weep. It seems as soon as your hair gets back to some degree of good condition you then need to bleach it again. But its worth the pain, although i do get alot of negative comments about my hair they are kept to a ratio of positives ones :)
Meghan x