Monday, 24 October 2011

October Wishlist...

  1. Topshop T-shirt Dress - £34 
  2. Topshop Lace Panel Tunic - £38
  3. Topshop Black Quilted Fur Collar Jacket - £58
  4. H&M Biker Boots - £24.99
  5. Miss Selfridge Grey Knitted Turban £14 
  6. Topshop Black Knitted Snood - £22
  7. River Island Pom Pom Hat -£13
Since payday is creeping ever so closer (it feels like a life time since Ive received a decent amount of pennies into my bank account) I have a number of essentials on my wish list for the winter months to follow. I seen this grey jersey dress last week in store and knew it had to be in my wardrobe as soon as. Being back at uni a few weeks has been a struggle to find outfit that's are cosy and casual. This dress could easily be layered up with a cardigan, leather jacket,hat, scarf and biker boots all of above. The lace panel dress also Topshop I thought could be made causal by wearing with a grey chunky knit granny style cardigan... one I've yet to find on the high street. But the dress could also be dressed up for evening time too. I need to make a trip to Primark and stock up on some socks to wear under boots to create a casual look but also to keep my toes cosy!

When looking online at Topshop's Tumblr blog I seen this outfit idea... Another way to style the above grey dress....
I spotted a fringed collar exactly the same if not the actual one in this photo a couple of weeks ago on eBay, just a pity i never imagine it could look that good. I'm gonna keep my eyes open though fingers crossed another one comes up.

Its gonna be a long week ... Roll on Friday :( 
Meghan x

Friday, 7 October 2011

Todays Inspiration...

These boots are the real deal .. these are the designer boots that Topshop have copied - Ambush Glitter Boots 

Here are some images to hopefully inspire your outfit ideas this weekend. Have a lovely weekend!
P.S. keep in mind your only young the once ;) xxx

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

September Purchases...

From the start of the month I had a clear wish list, as I always do the moment I complete a wish list I'm onto the next. Here is my successful buys from last month...
I have realise I have a tendency to buy too much of a good thing ... such as Topshop latest boots. I LOVE THEM and i want more. The boots with a zip are Ambush and the Chelsea style are Allegra. The faux leather shorts are H&M and leather look trousers Topshop. The tops are all Topshop (And Finally Fleetwood Mac T-shirt,Leopard heart Top and Crochet Collar Blouse). Since im in between jobs pennies are none existent right now so window shopping it is...

Back Blogging!!!

I realise it has been a while since my last post, due to starting back at uni. Having only been back a couple of weeks, we are expected to organise a placement for next semester. . Living in Aberdeen... A city with little opportunity in terms of fashion related work I have been looking to local newspapers to hopefully get a place writing for the women’s fashion and lifestyle sections.
 When doing some research I came across a new local paper to have started up. When I seen the advert for reporters/ writers to contribute for the paper. I immediately replied to the advert. After a shameful interview, leaving with little hope of ever hearing back from them again, i returned home with little enthusiasm but I received an emailing asking me to send some examples of work i had done for university. After that i sat hitting the refresh button about fifty times a minute. Finally inbox had one message... I was successful. I was asked to write a new article for the following Friday. Not only have i got my work experience sorted for next semester but also have a weekly column to attend to.
So it’s safe to say I’m pretty chuffed with myself  :)  The editor said he will take me on full time for my placement next year. This is the opportunity I need to get some much needed experience for when i graduate.

Sunday, 11 September 2011

One of each please

 These boots are just some from a very long list of styles i really want as part of my wardrobe this autumn/ winter. All of the above are from Topshop... Of course!

Birthday Wishlist ...

I remember the days when your birthday was something you were so excited for, when getting to sleep the night before felt impossible. Not only was it a day dedicated to you but also you were one year older. 

I no longer feel the same excitement... The thought of not being a teenager anymore upsets me .... being considered a moody git cannot be accepted as a past time of an average teen.  

Its my birthday on Tuesday and with little enthusiasm I've put together a little wish list for my mum... to avoid the chance of disappointment.
Excuse the boots obsession, when doing a bit of online shopping these are just some of the things I've seen. I'm going down to Glasgow next weekend so will save some pennies to hopefully get some more purchases.

Meghan x

Saturday, 6 August 2011

Todays Inspiration

Grey... The new Blonde ?

Being the kind of person that gets bored your her hair colour very easily, i decided to go for change of colour like never before. Initially i wanted to go a platinum blonde colour but after some time spent feeling like a over dyed bimbo... Feeling more Dolly Parton than Blondie, I decided to take it to a new level, a more unique colour to those of the younger generation .... Grey. Here are some images of the color i was hoping to achieve ...

 One of my fashion idols to generate the hair colour - Pixie Geldof
So after multiple tubes of toner and endless supply of bleach... I have achieved the Grey Granny Look